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Passing through Hoedspruit for a few days, we welcome you to Swiblati Lodge for one or more nights

  • In self catering if you rent the villa with 3 bedrooms

  • In suites with breakfast included and dinner in supplement, according to booking periods and on request.

Package Nights + Activities in Hoedspruit and surroundings

Duration 4 days, self-drive with reservation of overnight stays and evening meals at Swiblati Lodge and surrounding activities according to a precise program. Everything is reserved in advance, no room for improvisation, priority for relaxation, discovery and pleasure. Maximum optimization of your stay.

Some activities in Hoedspruit and surroundings

Safari in Kruger National Park       

Explore the Big Five.

The largest nature reserve in South Africa, covering an area of 20,000 km², the Kruger National Park is simply unique.

Safari in Private Reserve - Hoedspruit Get up close to the wildlife and pet a cheetah or other orphan animals rehabilitated in their natural habitat, walk or safari with a guide .                                                       

Air Balloning - Hoedspruit

Experience the magic of a lighter-than-air flight over the savannah adjacent to Kruger National Park.

The pilots and guides ensure an unforgettable adventure.

Blyde canyon scenic drive

The scenic route is just beautiful, it characterizes South Africa with an abundance of scenery and nature. From the bush to extraordinary panoramas and impressive mountain ranges.

African Dream Horse Safari

Located at the entrance to the reserve where Swiblati is located, enjoy a quiet 1 or 2 hour horseback ride in the reserve and meet many animals.

Moholoholo Center - Hoedspruit

Visit of the wildlife rehabilitation center, with a guide who will explain the life of animals to you.

Not to be missed, excellent time to spend (around 2h30).

Blyde River Boat Cruise - Hoedspruit           

Boat trip through Blyde River Canyon. Discover wildlife and nature from the boat and savor the surrounding peace.

Leading edge Flight School - Hoedspruit

Flying Safaris to allow you to fly in a two-seater Bantam B22J ULM or light sport aircraft (the Jabiru SP two-seater), and see the Big Five from above. 20-minute, 30-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute flights are offered

Nyani Cultural Village - Hoedspruit

To the rhythm of African tribal dances, discover the history of the peoples of South Africa.

Hoedspruit Golf

Golfers will not be outdone at Hoedspruit.

The 18-hole golf course is very beautiful and nestled in a superb environment with a magical view of the mountains.

Olifant River Cruise

Stroll along the waters of the beautiful Olifants River observing crocodiles, hippos, buffalos, elephants. An unforgettable 2 hour trip on one of the largest rivers in Kruger National Park.

Elephant interaction - Hoedspruit

An exciting and touching experience not to be missed.

A 1.5 hour adventure to meet the legendary elephants of Camp Jabulani in their natural habitat.

Jessica The Hippo - Hoedspruit

Meet the most famous hippo in the world.

A beautiful story between animals and humans that shows how animals have feelings.

Kinyonga Reptile Center  -  Hoedspruit

Observez les animaux  dans ce sanctuaire spécialisé dans  certaines des créatures les plus   incomprises du monde qui aborde la conservation par l'éducation et l'expérience, en offrant des interactions et des démonstrations animales.

  • Swiblati lodge - Afrique du Sud
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