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South Africa is accessible by air via many European airlines which provide daily connections.

The average flight time from Paris to Johannesburg is 11 hours and then from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit 1 hour. A connection from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit is also possible by road shuttle (4 to 5 hours drive).

Flights from Europe are carried out mainly at night.

Flights from New Caledonia are made via Sydney with a direct flight to Johannesburg or with a stopover in Perth.

There is no time difference between France and Johannesburg during summer time and 1 hour more must be added in winter.

At the health level

South Africa is the best-off country in Africa in this area and has nothing to envy most European countries. The sanitary conditions are very good.

Vaccines in South Africa against typhoid, hepatitis A and B and rabies are recommended only for long stays.


A valid passport, valid for 1 month after the return date is required for French, Belgian and Swiss nationals. . There is no need for a visa for French, Belgian or Swiss nationals, for a stay of less than three months.


The seasons are reversed compared to Europe. The climate is rather pleasant, not too cold in winter with cool nights and quite hot in summer. The off-season is very pleasant. The best time to observe animals is between May and October, in winter in South Africa.

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